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The Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council is the state’s premier source for construction craftspeople in all trade areas. Whether your construction project is large, medium or small, we can build it from the ground up in partnership with owners and contractors who will provide your project with:

Quality workmanship
Journeymen and apprentices who are well-trained and at the top of their professions
A reliable, safety-focused labor force
On-time, within-budget project completion
Work that’s done right…the first time!

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Growing the Best Craftspeople in the Construction Industry

Through our members’ training and apprenticeship programs, we prepare our apprentices to learn the newest techniques in their trades, as well as making safety training priority number one.

No matter which trade interests a prospective apprentice, the Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council has a world-class member training program that will enable him or her to set the foundation for a successful career while earning a competitive salary and getting real-world experience on the job site.

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Latest News and Events

AZ Building Trades Statement on Tragic Fatality at TSMC

PHOENIX (May 15, 2024) – A Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) spokesman informed the Arizona Building Trades of a tragic incident that occurred earlier today at the TSMC job site. TSMC reported that there has been a fatality involving a worker. While details are still being investigated, it appears that the worker was involved in […]

AZBTC Announces Support for Arenas or Theme Park Districts Built with Project Labor Agreements (PLAs)

The Arizona Building & Construction Trades Council (AZBTC) announced their support of quality construction with good paying jobs and strong labor standards as the Arizona Legislature considers HB 2774. “Project Labor Agreements ensure that all Arizona contractors provide good paying jobs for construction workers to build complex arenas or theme parks on time and on […]

‘Trades Build Futures’ Program Set to Expand

The Arizona State Building and Construction Trades Council (AZBTC) has been actively involved in reshaping the landscape of Union Labor and the construction industry in the state. From workforce development to policy advocacy, the council’s leadership, representing every Local, has collaborated to enhance resources and influence within the industry. A notable initiative is the “Trades […]

AZBTC Endorses Ansari for US Congress

PHOENIX (April 1, 2024) – The Arizona Building & Construction Trades Council announced their endorsement of Yassamin Ansari for the U.S. Congressional seat in District Three, a spot to be vacated by fellow Democrat Ruben Gallego, who is now running for Senate. “While serving on the Phoenix City Council, Yassamin Ansari has proven to be […]

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