Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council


Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

By Dean Wine November 15, 2017

  The Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council (AZBTC) celebrates National Apprenticeship Week (November 13th-19th) by thanking the hard-working men and women who spur Arizona’s economic growth by building solid infrastructure.   

  Apprenticeships are critical for Arizona’s economic future. In the highly competitive market to attract today’s high-tech companies to our state, our apprenticeships prove the Valley is dedicated to training and employing highly skilled workers who know and understand the stringent demands of building for these sophisticated tech giants. Apprenticeship programs can tailor their curriculum to meet the needs of any particular company and create a reliable pipeline of highly skilled workers, all at no cost to taxpayers.

  Unlike other students pursuing postsecondary education, apprentices earn a paycheck while they train. Anyone who is willing to work hard can start a career that will support a family with good wages and benefits. The vast majority of apprentices graduate from a four or five-year apprenticeship program with credentials that are nationally recognized. They can also begin their careers with no educational debt.

  AZBTC asks customers to hire only contractors who have committed to use apprentices from registered, certified apprenticeship programs to meet Arizona’s labor needs, and to help raise awareness of apprenticeships in the community. Engaging contractors who support apprentices not only ensures Arizona’s infrastructure is properly built and maintained, but also keeps Arizona in a position to attract high paying jobs in the future.

Dean Wine is the President of the Arizona Building & Construction Trades Council – a labor organization comprised of affiliated construction trade organizations representing more than 11,000 construction workers in Arizona.