Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council


Aaron Butler

By Aaron Butler

Arizona State Building
& Construction Trades Council

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the building and construction trades in Arizona. First, I’d like to extend my condolences to the families and friends of our members who have passed away and to our members who have lost loved ones. Your Brothers and Sisters in the trades share in your grief, and keep you and your families in our thoughts.

The bond between our tradesmen and tradeswomen has always been strong, and these challenging times have demonstrated that we are more than colleagues; we are a community.

As this pandemic escalated and evolved, we made changes on job sites, at our Locals and at our training centers to keep our members safe and do our part as essential workers during the initial response. Many of our members have stepped up not only as skilled professionals on the job, but also as caring and compassionate members of our community. I hear stories every day about workers helping their brothers and sisters in need, and extending that generosity to friends, neighbors and strangers whether it’s collecting diapers, distributing food, or giving blood.

We work together to construct buildings, and we work together to make our community stronger.

We know that dollars invested to build schools, healthcare facilities, and energy and transportation infrastructure results in economic activity that supports local economies and strengthens our neighborhoods, cities and state. AZBTC members are working with business leaders and elected officials to map out the next steps in our recovery and look toward the future. What long-term impacts will these decisions have on skilled labor, jobs and economic growth? We need a plan that creates an economy that works for everyone, strengthens the middle class, and provides opportunities through quality training programs and economic development.

Workers and their families must be part of these decisions and there’s no better way to make sure your voice is heard than to vote in the coming general election on November 3. We need to elect men and women to school boards, city councils and the state legislature who will enact policies that promote skilled labor, quality training programs, and responsible use of public funds. We need to elect federal lawmakers who will champion legislation that strengthens labor, protects workers, and provides for long-term prosperity for generations. Please make sure you are registered to vote and that you have a voting plan whether it’s in person or by mail. NABTU has set up a website to help you to register to vote and to check your voter registration. Visit today to get ready for Election Day. Your vote is your voice, and your voice deserves to be heard.

We are skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen who construct more than schools, hospitals and factories. We strengthen communities and build futures.