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John Faber
John Faber

Ironworkers Local 75 saluted a recently deceased and beloved member when the union held the In Memory of John Faber Blood Drive on July 11. 

Faber, who had served as a Trustee, Sergeant of Arms and as an instructor for the apprenticeship training, was a dedicated blood donor who encouraged other business managers to donate, too. Faber led the organization of the July blood drive by first approaching Business Manager Jason Sangster back in February about the possibility of the union hosting the event to benefit local blood banks. 

Sangster credited Faber with setting up a meeting with Red Cross organizers and recruiting volunteers to help with the event. 

“John orchestrated the whole thing,” Sangster reflected.

Faber lost his life on the job on April 18, 2020, which is why Local 75 thought it fitting that they dedicate the life-giving blood drive to their Brother. 

Sangster said the memorial blood drive generated more donated units of blood than expected by garnering support from people who had never previously donated, but did so in honor of their friend. He said they hope to hold another blood drive soon.