Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council


The Arizona Building & Construction Trades Council (AZBTC) announced their support of quality construction with good paying jobs and strong labor standards as the Arizona Legislature considers HB 2774.

“Project Labor Agreements ensure that all Arizona contractors provide good paying jobs for construction workers to build complex arenas or theme parks on time and on budget” said Aaron Butler, President of AZBTC. “Arizona is booming and the construction field is no different.  An amendment that requires a PLA ensures state of the art apprenticeship programs in Ironwork, Pipefitting, Sheet Metal, Concrete, and Painting to name just a few.  Our graduation rates are second to none. We provide emphasis to veterans through our many recruitment programs and look forward to building Arizona.”

HB 2274 is being considered as a strike all amendment in the Senate and the AZBTC were unanimous today in their support of adding a provision that requires a Project Labor Agreement.  A strike all amendment replaces the entire text of a previously introduced bill with new language.  In this case, the legislation would change the rules for the establishment of a theme park district with a tax mechanism to service construction related debt.

“We stand strong as a Building and Construction Trades Council to support Governor Hobbs and legislators to pass this legislation with the PLA provision,” said Butler.  “Let’s stand with the workers who build our arenas to ensure there are good paying jobs and apprenticeships by building arenas not just on this project but on all arenas or theme parks going forward with PLAs.”

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