Arizona Building and Construction Trades Council


The Arizona Building Trades Council (AZBTC) stands united in expressing deep disappointment following the recent ruling by Arizona Superior Court Judge Bradley Astrowsky against the city’s prevailing wage policy. This decision undermines the hard work and dedication of our skilled union construction workers who contribute to building our vibrant communities.

Prevailing wage policies are essential for ensuring fair compensation for workers on publicly funded projects. By guaranteeing family-sustaining wages and preventing contractors from undercutting bids with cheap labor, these policies support both workers and the quality of our infrastructure.

AZBTC Business Manger Solomon Galyon emphasized, “In an age of high inflation, it’s essential that cities and counties put workers first.” The prevailing wage policy not only protects workers but also promotes equal pay for equal work, benefiting women and people of color disproportionately impacted by wage disparities.  Further, prevailing wage is already the law for federally funded projects.

While we respect the legal process, we urge the city to continue supporting prevailing wage policies that uplift working families and appeal to the Arizona Court of Appeals. AZBTC remains committed to advocating for fair wages, apprenticeship programs, and quality workmanship.

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